Growing an online business during an economic downturn can be challenging. During such times, the key to success is to keep going and take action. For this reason, SEO can be absolute lifesavers for your website, as it usually has a longer-term effect on your website and has a positive impact on the technical performance and content of your website.

In this webinar, Beatrice Gamba, Head of SEO Agency at WordLift, and Jeff Coyle, Co-founder & CSO at MarketMuse, show you how SEO can get your online business through tough times as we approach and adapt to the “new normal”.

In particular, you can:

  • Discover how to make sure your content keeps up with the latest trends in your niche.
  • Get practical advice and guidance on how to use E-E-A-T to stay relevant.
  • Learn how to use automation to scale your digital marketing strategy.


Watch the video here:

Webinar hosted by MarketMuse.

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