The conversational AI market, including chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% during 2020–25, reaching almost US$14 billion by 2025 (source: Deloitte). Yet, many of today’s AI assistants don’t use as much deep learning as we might think.

While it’s common practice to apply machine learning to NLU (for intent detection), many implementations still use traditional rule-based or manual approaches that are tedious and time-consuming. There are two areas of innovation in conversational AI where our SEO-minded approach can make a difference: training the agent with little manual effort and handling complex conversations by effectively re-using the content we already have on our websites.

During this webinar, Beatrice Gamba, SEO Strategist & Senior Digital Project Manager at WordLift, and Teodora Petkova, Experienced Semantic Content Writer, will deep dive – with the help of Jason Barnard – into Knowledge Graph-based Conversational AI. More practically, we will see how we can re-use FAQ-based content and increase the ability of the chatbot to understand a wide variety of inputs from the users. How do we write this content, and what else can be done with content knowledge graphs.

For further information, read also the interesting article “Building A Knowledge Graph-Based Chatbot” by Beatrice Gamba.



Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.



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