Ten years after its first theorization, the Semantic Web has finally become the main key to understand and organize the online content ecosystem. Getting to know the main factors behind the Semantic Web and understanding how it works is crucial to master the latest SEO techniques. This approach is essential for anyone who intends to have a competitive attitude to content marketing and to craft semantically relevant content for search engines.

What will you learn in this webinar?

With this webinar, you will learn the principles underlying the functioning of the Semantic Web and the essential features that will help you take your first steps into its ecosystem. Our SEO expert Gennaro Cuofano will guide you in just six short pills to learn the basics of Semantic SEO.

Short Introduction

Follow Gennaro in the video below to learn more about the journey we are going to take together and get your map to work in the context of advanced SEO.

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What is the Semantic Web?

It’s been ten years since Tim Berners Lee presented the semantic SEO, an idea which, at that time, was futuristic. Now that idea is something real. Why? Find it out with Gennaro.

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What’s the difference between entities and keywords?

Traditional SEO is based on keywords but what happens as we move from the signifier to the meaning? SEO shift from the keyword to the entity, the very pillar of the Semantic SEO. In the following video, Gennaro will give you a quick explanation if the difference between those two concepts.

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What are Structured Data?

If HTML allows us to build pages that are easy to read for humans, structured data is what you need to communicate with machines. Find out why with Gennaro.

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What is the schema.org vocabulary for?

Founded by and for search engines, schema.org is the grammar on which is based the dialog between content producers and publishers and crawlers, digital assistants, and bots. Find out more with Gennaro.

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What is a Knowledge Graph?

Discover how the entities are connected thanks to the knowledge graph and how you can use it  for SEO and beyond.

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Connecting the dots…

Gennaro quickly sums up his mini-course: here is where all the concepts about Semantic SEO are connected.

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Do you want to optimize your content for the semantic web?

With the WordLift team, we have developed an SEO tool that automates the main processes underlying semantic SEO, allowing the integration of structured data and the creation of a website’s Knowledge Graph, that will allow to show search engines all the relationships that exist among the different entities within the pages. Want to learn more? Book a call with Gennaro!

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