Entity-based SEO is an advanced approach to SEO. Following the semantic development of search engines, it does not consider keywords but entities that represent the concepts or topics that the content of a website is about. In this scenario, when we talk about content optimization, we are talking about entities.

In this webinar, Max Geraci – SEO Expert – will introduce entity-based SEO and Knowledge Graphs and explain how you can create one for your website using structured data. Specifically, he will show you how to extract entities, link entities, and perform entity gap analysis using The Entity’s Swiss Knife, a Python application he developed that you can use for free, and how to annotate your content using WordLift. Finally, he will present some use cases of entity gap analysis and topical trust flow through domain and backlink analysis.

Table of contents:
– Introduction to entity-based SEO: entities, taxonomies, knowledge graphs and knowledge bases, entity linking, and all the essentials for getting started in the world of semantic content publishing.
– How to use The Entity’s Swiss Knife application, which allows you to extract entities, link entities, and analyze entity gaps.
– How to use the about and mentions properties correctly in schema markup.
– How to use The Entity’s Swiss Knife and WordLift together to annotate entities in content.
– Use cases for analyzing entity gaps and topical trust flow (analyzing domains and backlinks).

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