The World Wide Web has always been about connections. First it was simple links connecting web pages. Nowadays it’s knowledge graphs connecting repositories of semantically described content entities. In this 30 minutes podcast, Andrea Volpini will help you understand the concepts behind semantic web, entities, knowledge graphs, and their SEO benefits. He will show you the way to your structure content into a knowledge graph so that computers – including search engines like Google – can understand and better use your content.

When in 2009 Tim Berners Lee introduced the concept of the semantic web in his famous TED Talk, he warmly recomended web publishers of all sizes to release raw data.

Today Andrea Volpini is suggesting you to take a step forward and to start creating your own Open Source Knowledge Graph for and before Google. Learn why.

This podcast is part of the Content Strategy Insights Podcast Series by EllessMedia.

What Are You Going to Learn?

In this podcast, Larry Swanson and Andrea Volpini discuss about:

  • WordLift’s origins as an advanced SEO tool
  • the importance of knowledge graphs for the semantic web
  • how “triples” make up the semantic web
  • how the semantic web is a “web of meanings” connected by links
  • his origins in the semantic web and how they led him into SEO
  • how knowledge graphs might eventually permit alternatives to Google to arise
  • the shift from web pages to more atomic entities
  • how building knowledge graphs both feeds Google the information it craves but may also be planting the seeds for Google alternatives to arise
  • how structured data helps search engines like Google understand relationships that help link it to a user’s search intent
  • the fact that currently the main consumers of the data in knowledge graphs are the big tech companies
  • the role of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in creating knowledge graphs
  • the role of semantic markup in showing the value of your content
  • schemas and the linked-data vocabulary project
  • the importance of an underlying content model
  • the limitations of in describing some domains
  • a project that he’s working on to infer content structure by examining collections of previously unstructured content
  • the importance of building your own knowledge graph before Google builds it for you

Who is Andrea Volpini?

Andrea Volpini, CEO of WordLift, is a visionary entrepreneur, now focusing on semantic web and artificial intelligence.

Co-founder of InSideOut10 and director of InsideOut Today, Andrea has more than 20 years of world-class experience in online strategies and web publishing. In 2013 Andrea Volpini kick-started RedLink GmbH, a commercial spin-off focusing on semantic content enrichment, artificial intelligence, and search.

Who is Larry Swanson?

Larry Swanson is a lifelong publisher and 20-year digital strategist. He hosts the Content Strategy Insights podcast and organizes content strategy meetups in Phoenix and Seattle. In his spare time he plays with Seattle’s community samba band VamoLá! and other groups.

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