Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile First Indexing Anymore

Globally, mobile represents half of the searches, but – weirdly enough – SEO specialists and SEO tools are still heavily depending on desktop results for their work. And yet, ignoring mobile results nowadays is acting like an ostrich, hiding your head under the sand. That’s because just 11% of the URLs keep the same position both in mobile and desktop search. Ooops! If you are working in SEO, you really can’t ignore anymore how the Mobile First Indexing is rearranging Google’s index based on topics, rather than URLs. Get your head out of the sand and watch Cindy Krum’s webinar right now!

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What Are You Going to Learn?

In this webinar, Cindy Krum shares a distillation of her experience. She uses lots of real-life examples and a case study to dig deeper into how Mobile First Indexing is changing SEO. Here are some of the things that you’re going to learn from her:

Presentation Deck

Find below Cindy’s presentation in PDF. It’s rich of tips, examples and good practices: download it and skim it anytime you need. It’s free! Read the presentation deck

Who is Cindy Krum?

Cindy Krum - CEO of MobileMoxieWith her company MobileMoxie, Cindy provides mobile marketing consultancy and brings fresh and creative ideas to her clients, providing on-site training and workshops. Cindy is an active member of the digital marketing & growth communities. She speaks at national and international conferences on a regular basis, and has been quoted by many respected publications including PC World, Internet Retailer, TechWorld, Direct Magazine and Search Marketing Standard. Cindy is also the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are, published by Que Publishing and now also available in German, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

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