In the world of zero-click searches, the potential of entering in the Knowledge Graph is greater than you think.

Join the webinar hosted by Authoritas with Andrea Volpini, Jason Barnard and Dixon Jones to learn all the relevant tips to improve your branding on Google’s Knowledge Graph panels.

Andrea Volpini is an Internet Entrepreneur and CEO of WordLift and Insideout10 with 20+ years of world-class experience in online strategies, digital media, and SEO. In 2013 Andrea co-founded Redlink, a commercial spin-off focusing on semantic content enrichment, artificial intelligence, and search.

Jason Barnard is The Brand SERP guy and has been in SEO since 1998. He collects Brand SERPs (using the Authoritas API). He is also a digital nomad although this is temporarily on hold. He offer a brand SERP course and hosts a podcast (search “Jason Barnard Podcast”). In his spare time he is a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Dixon Jones is a well-known, respected and award-winning member of the Internet Marketing community with 20 years of experience in search marketing and 25 years of business innovation. An expert in Information Retrieval manipulation, specifically in Big Data environments. A pioneer of the Freemium SAAS subscription business model.

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