In this tutorial, we unleash the power of WordLift’s widgets. These are UX tools that will allow you to better the user experience on your site, increase internal linking and reveal the semantic structure of your data. And look good in the process.

Widgets like the Product Navigator are ideal for anyone who wants to increase the cart value of an e-commerce site. WordLift includes a powerful recommendation engine capable of showing the best products connected to the one the user is browsing.

If you are focused on the content you can use the Navigator and Faceted Search widgets to let your users discover new content, filter the content present on your site, and reveal new connections.

Adding and removing widgets is extremely easy. You can use the block editor, you can use the classic editor and you can even integrate them into your template. Discover how in this video.

If you want to know all about our widgets don’t forget to check out these specific documentation pages.

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