Building a knowledge graph is essential for your SEO strategy. You can start by using your data, or you can crawl a website to extract additional attributes that you can use to build your knowledge graph.

In this webinar, Elias Dabbas and Doreid Haddad will show you how to crawl a website using Advertools and how to add the extracted attributes to your Knowledge Graph using WordLift.

You’ll leave with a workflow you can apply to your daily work, and the tools to help make that work easier and more effective.


  • Using Advertools to explore the structure of a website, its robots.txt, XML sitemap(s), and the general URL structure. This gets us an overview of the content as well.
  • Using Advertools to crawl the required URLs and scrape/extract the needed data.
  • How to create linked open data with what was scraped.
  • Using the structured data to create knowledge graphs.
  • Using the knowledge graphs to get more organic traffic.
  • How search engine consume that data present in the knowledge graphs.
  • Explain some practical cases that shows how we can get more traffic using the scraping and knowledge graphs.


If you have a number of URLs you want to detect, you can also try this web scraping for SEO app.

Doreid Haddad
SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Specialist, Doreid works at WordLift and he really loves striving to get results. He’s constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far we are and what it will take to make it happen.

Elias Dabbas
Elias is the author and maintainer of Advertools, a digital marketing, SEO, SEM, open-source library, written in Python, with a command line tool interface, available to any programmer. He is also the author of the book Interactive Dashboards and Data Apps with Plotly and Dash.


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