In this podcast, Beatrice Gamba and Jason Barnard delve into the evolution of SEO in the age of AI. With the digital landscape evolving at an unprecedented pace, companies must adapt and harness the power of AI-based SEO strategies to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Beatrice Gamba, renowned for her expertise in SEO and innovation, shares valuable insights from her experience as Head of SEO Agency. Using real-world case studies, Beatrice illustrates how AI-based tools reshape the SEO landscape, enabling companies to get more visibility, engagement, and conversions.



The main points that are covered:

  • Understanding the AI Revolution in SEO
    • Explaining the role of AI in shaping SEO strategies
    • Overview of AI technologies impacting SEO (algorithms, NLP, ML)
  • How AI can help
    • Leveraging AI tools for keyword discovery and analysis
    • Content generation with AI assistance
    • AI-based crawling and indexing techniques
    • Leveraging AI for Link Building
  • How we can help AI (good & referenced content with SD)
    • Person schema & building trust
    • Optimizing for Generative SEO
  • Adapting to Changes and Future-proofing SEO
  • Building resilience with AI-powered SEO strategies
    • Continuous monitoring and analysis
    • Adapting to algorithm updates with AI tools


Organized by Kalicube in partnership with WordLift.

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