Join Dave Davies, Beatrice Gamba, and Jason Barnard for what promises to be a fantastic roundtable.

Starting with a presentation by Beatrice and Dave, the roundtable will move smoothly on to a discussion and Q&A.

Topics we will cover include:
Google’s opinion and guidelines on AI-generated content,
NLP processing (with geeky technicalities from Dave, and a more simplistic approach from Jason),
Insights on AI-generated content (including, but not limited to Semantic Briefs, Images/Video…),
Benefits of AI-generated content. Some examples include: saving time, saving money, improving productivity, easy-to-understand content, customized content…
– Potential practical use cases,
– Examples of practical implementation.



To view slides related to the presentation, click here

Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

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