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Scale your SEO with Artificial Intelligence and Grow!

Do you want your company to be the leader in using AI for SEO?
Automate your SEO with artificial intelligence and leverage machine learning to scale SEO and achieve your goals.

Discover the advantages of WordLift! 

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WordLift combines semantics and A.I. technologies to do what an SEO expert would do: grow the organic traffic of a website and improve audience engagement.

WordLift helps your website speak Google’s native language by converting your content into a format easily understood by search engines: structured data.

Leveraging Natural Language Processing and AI, WordLift analyzes your content and identifies the most relevant topics for your business, organizing them into entities. Each entity describes an idea, concept, person, or place you’re talking about on your website. Entities are saved in a vocabulary. But WordLift goes deeper than that. It relates the entities in your vocabulary and turns the information into linked data, creating a Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is the infrastructure behind your content that effectively helps Google and search engines understand and index your content. As a result, users searching for products, services, or businesses like yours will find more relevant information that meets their needs.

The result is the strengthening of the authority and reliability of your website, the growth of internal link building, which helps Google and search engines understand the relationships between pages and content and their value, and increases organic traffic and the time users spend on your website.

Using WordLift is simple. To find out more, you can watch this video

RankWatch customers get a 20% discount on WordLift products

Let the AI do the heavy lifting for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have WordPress, can I still use WordLift?
We have developed a simple Javascript that will let you use WordLift outside of WordPress. Email our team today at [email protected] and we'll get you started.
Can I use WordLift on a WordPress multi-site installation?
Yes, WordLift is fully compatible with WordPress multi-site installations. Just remember you will need a separate subscription for each website.
What happens if I stop using WordLift?
If you stop paying for your subscription, keep the plugin active on your site and all the entities and the structured data that you created with WordLift will still be available on the website – you won’t be able to run the analysis on any new content, but all the existing markup will work just fine. All the data you have created belongs to you and you can always download it from the WordLift's settings in the WordPress dashboard.
Have more questions?
Email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back in contact with you as soon as possible!
Can I cancel at anytime?
Of course, you cancel at any time and come back anytime you like.