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WordLift Software

Annual Subscription to the Large Package designed for agencies and experts, work on 10 projects at the same time

Semantic Dashboard

Create your first semantic dashboard to understand which topics are more interesting to your visitors

Unlimited SEO Reports

SEO Dashboard that you can use to download unlimited SEO audits of your projects to share with your clients

Loving WordLift and what it has done to help our site rank higher in vocabulary building, an area of SEO often neglected by other websites.

Although building the initial vocabulary list of a website may be a lot of work, it pays off long-term. Instead of linking out to other websites or to Wikipedia, you can direct your users to an in-site explanation of terms.

Google appreciates this, of course, and will give you some positive rank love along the way.

Sean Si
Blogger, Entrepreneur and SEO Specialist

This plugin is awesome! After one month I’ve got almost +50% organic traffic (still growing), half bounce rate, and almost 1’00” average time-view increased in my Amazon affiliate (content based) niche website. Support is also great.

Michele Cantelli

This is the future of blogging: after some time using it, we saw the beauty of AI and the power of Wordlift. Soon standard blogging will extinct and this where Wordlift comes to the rescue.

Samur Isma

I recently installed this app to help me out with basic SEO and what I found out is that it does much more that, it adds a complete index system that allows your site to become a reference in your field, adding a lot more value with internal links and images. This is all powered by an AI, so I’m pretty sure this is gonna be the future of SEO tools.

Paula Bressann
Singer, Artist, and Blogger

I don’t believe you“, is the first thing I said to the Wordlift team when they told me what their plugin could do. For us, as a publisher of business articles and a total dedication to original content, the benefits seemed almost too good to be true.

Creating good content is hard enough in itself. Plugins like Wordlift make us feel like that effort isn’t in vain and our stories will be found by the right people, bringing them inspiration and knowledge.

Ramia Marielle El Agamy
Editor-in-Chief at Tharawat Magazine

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