Eager to grow the revenues of your e-commerce? It’s time to feed your sales with SEO.

Get more exposure for your products on search engines such as Google and Bing by using the Artificial Intelligence of WordLift.

What can WordLift do for your e-commerce?

Talk the same language as Google

With structured data, you allow search engines to understand and interpret correctly your web pages, In this way, your products will be more competitive on Google and other search engines in terms of exposure and ranking.

Grab the attention of potential clients

One of the main benefits of structured data is that it allows you to get rich snippets on search engine result pages. Rich snippets are eye-catching results that are more visible than blue links and grab the attention — and clicks — of the users.

Optimize your conversion rate

With WordLift, you can connect with a few clicks your products with relevant articles and pages on your website. And just like that your content marketing activities become more effective as you quicken the shift from informational search intents to sales.

Why Structured Data can make or break your sales in 2020

SEO has always been important for e-commerce sites, but in 2020 using structured data has really become crucial to get more exposure on Google and other search engines.

Back in April this year, Google announced that it is now free to sell on Google — and in July free retail listings landed on Google Search. Boom!

Free retail listings on Google Search are really a game changer, allowing e-commerce sites to get more exposure for their products and increase the CTR.

How can you make Google feature your products on the SERP?

Here is where structured data comes handy. Adding a layer of metadata to all your products allows Google to display them to potential customers. But… how do you add structured data to your products?

Well, we got your back on this.

WordLift for WooCoommerce:

  • Optimizes image sizes as required by Google
  • Produces state-of-the-art structured linked data
  • Adds support for extended mark-up properties
  • Introduces structured data on your category pages
  • Creates a Product Graph that improves the rankings
  • Allows you connect blog posts with products and product categories.

If you want to get more exposure on Google with your products, this is the tool you need.

Doreid Haddad

SEO Expert, WordLift

What’s in it for me?

AI-powered SEO

With a yearly subscription to WordLift, you can get all the benefits of AI-Powered SEO on your website and see a real impact on your bottom line.

SEO Audit

You will get a first SEO analysis to evaluate your website’s rankings on main search engines and your growth potential.


We offer you a free start-up consultancy and a 30-minute training to allow you to use WordLift at full speed on your e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more information about the SEO benefits of WordLift?

WordLift adds a layer of metadata on your web pages and it gives you a boost in terms of SEO. Here is how:

  1. It uplifts your visibility on the SERP by adding markup, allowing you to get rich snippets and to improve your rankings;
  2. It helps you build your E-A-T by building data around your organization, the founders, the authors of your content and other key persons;
  3. It improves your internal linking;
  4. It enhances the UX by providing context cards, semantic interlinking, content recommendations and more features which have a proven effect on engagement metrics — another important signal for Google;
  5. It allows you to reuse, mix and match your content in different formats and contexts making your content marketing strategy more effective;
  6. It makes it easier to analyze your digital marketing efforts by providing you with semantic analytics that help you understand what kind of content your users like most. 
Can you prove that WordLift improves the online visibility of websites?
We are on a mission to automate digital marketing tasks and to improve the visibility of websites. Testing the product’s assumptions by looking at the web metrics with a methodical approach, is a crucial part of our product development.

We recently presented a research study and proved that our semantic markup, annotations, and widgets improve the number of visitors, the pageviews, the time spent on page and the duration of a session with a double-digit growth on an editorial website with around 150.000 monthly visitors.

While not all websites are created equal, you can download the result of this study and start testing WordLift yourself. It does work!

Ho già un plugin di SEO installato su WordPress. WordLift è compatibile con gli altri plugin SEO?

Yes. WordLift is tested on regular basis with the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress: SEO Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and SEO Ultimate +.

WordLift works on what is called Semantic SEO and complements the functionalities of the above-mentioned SEO plugins. WordLift helps you create the metadata that search engines need to understand the relationship between concepts, how they work together and what each entity represents for you and your audience. Each new page created with WordLift can be further optimized with the help of an SEO plugin for WordPress (our compatibility tests cover SEO Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and SEO Ultimate+).

How does the free trial work?

All of our subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial. If after two weeks you are not happy with WordLift, contact us and we will unplug your subscription, no questions asked.

In addition, with the purchase of our 6-month or 12-month packages, we offer free additional monthsCheck it out!