Posted by Maria Silvia Sanna 6 years ago

Some exciting changes have dramatically transformed our daily life here at WordLift between late 2016 and the beginning of the new year. It’s been so fast, we barely had time to realize.

Everything has happened in just a few months. Last September, we stepped out of our research and development stage and moved to a new phase of our business: after presenting the results of our EU research project MICO (that came after another research project called IKS), we were ready to launch our got-to-market strategy. In November, we moved to our new headquarters in downtown Rome, giving to our innovative mission a home in the historical center of a city we are so proud of.

WordLift Headquarters in Rome - Outside

On late December we reached another milestone of our – pretty short, at the moment – story: we become an innovative startup and thanks to The Italian Startup Act the company have been incorporated using a web form and without even going to the public notary. WordLift is no longer an internal R&D project developed by Insideout10, but a brand new company running its own business!

To embrace this challenge, our cofunders Andrea Volpini, David Riccitelli, Maurizio Sarlo and Francesco Scavelli realized that WordLift’s team needed to get more structured. Here is why three new professionals joined our new headquarter in via Giulia, while we are also strengthening our development team. So, here are a few lines about each new member of our team.

Nicola Bertelloni

UX Designer. Coming from 9 years of experience in communication and design, Nicola brings a conscious point of view on perception and visual communication and the design experience required to build a frictionless experience.

Gennaro Cuofano

Business Developer and Client Account. After 3 years in the financial industry in San Diego, California, Gennaro became a blogger, online instructor, and e-book writer. Gennaro, is a growth hacker and brings his business insight to spread the value of WordLift and support our community of users.

Maria Silvia Sanna

Digital Communication Specialist. Coming from 10 years of marketing experience in the digital and tech industry, Silvia has a strong focus on digital content. Silvia is in charge of planning and implementing an effective communication for WordLift, leveraging on social media marketing, blogging and digital PR.

What should you expect from WordLift now? Well, in these days we are tirelessly working on the next release of our plugin, which will feature some exciting changes on the product side, too. We are also looking forward for more milestones in our roadmap, and you can bet that the best is yet to come!

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