What is IKS really about?

IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack) is an open source community, whose research projects have being financed by the EU and focused on building an open and flexible technology platform to semantically enhance any Content Management System (CMS).

WordLift is one of the results of this research, applying semantic web to WordPress. With WordLift, WordPress becomes semantic and enables content to be better processed and classified by machines.

How a semantic CMS can improve your blog or website?

  1. Putting your content in context. Thanks to content annotations a semantic CMS like WordLift creates meaningful relations between your content and other Linked Data.
  2. Supporting your writing process. As immediate advantage of annotations you will have more facts and context data, to support your creative process.
  3. Suggesting relevant connections to your readers. Creating a network of relationships enhances the user experience, helping your public gain a deeper understanding of your content. As a result, users will spend significantly more time on your blog.
  4. Boosting your SEO results. Semantic mark-up helps your blog communicate in a language that machines understand, therefore you can achieve better results with search engines.
  5. Getting your website ready for voice search. A semantically enhanced CMS, by feeding machines with structured data, enables intelligent agents to process the information on your website and serve it to humans.