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Content marketing can be a winning strategy even in the real estate market, where success is measured by the number of highly profiled leads captured, and the case of Remida Holding is a bright example.

Remida is an American company guided by Italian professionals. In the industry of real estate investing, Remida focuses on house flipping in Florida, USA and – in a few months – it developed an efficient content marketing strategy, that allowed the company to get in touch with new investors through the website.

Investing in the American real estate market is an enticing idea, but to do it properly you need to be guided by real estate professionals, who can help each investor identifying the best opportunities and the best strategies.

This is the very mission of Remida Holding.

In a way, the partners of the company – Daniele, Massimo, Augusto, and Mirco – embody the well-known American dream, a dream that only realizes itself for those who work hard and are fully resolute. After an almost-casual beginning, the company saw a strong growth, that led them to structure, in a few years, a company that manages 100 estates at the same time and an internal organization of professionals who cooperate to offer an end-to-end service – from buying to sales, rehabs included.

Meet the founder, Daniele Zampa

«I’ve started in 2011, with a personal investment on some rentals. It was a positive moment for the Rental market, since buying prices were still quite low because of the famous subprime loans crisis. In some cases and areas, real estates lose  – 75% of their value.» That’s how Daniele Zampa, Founder and Operations Director of Remida Holding, tells the beginning of his real estate adventure in the USA: thanks to a personal investment in a positive moment, he – without knowing – laid the foundation of his own company.

«Meanwhile, the market went back to the normal values allowing other kinds of investments which produce much more profits. Every stage of the market has an ideal strategy. Experience and skills allowed us to be ready to fast-adaptation. Since 2011 we managed something like $15,000,000 real estate operations with our own local organization, employees, work facilities, one office in St. Petersburg and another in Rome.»

But… how do you build such a big company starting from a personal investment? We asked Daniele to unveil us how did they get so far.

«The first secret to success is perseverance. Out of the theoretic world, this is not a simple market: reality has many shades and variables. Only perseverance and hard work can help you overcome obstacles and barriers, together with the ability to learn from feedbacks.» Daniele says, and then adds: «One of the key building blocks of our success is the team we’ve hired. The very point is to put together good guidelines and great people who follow them and improve our business everyday. Recently we’ve started investing in our image and in the digital marketing operations to promote our services.»

And this brings us back to: why did you choose to redesign your website and to adopt content marketing? What are your goals?

«The reason why we decided to invest in content marketing is that we’ve realized that we’ve really built something big. Today we are one of the main players in the Real Estate market in Tampa Bay and now it’s time to show our potential to a broader audience. We know everything about the area where we work and we have contacts with all the key personalities who really move the real estate market in Tampa Bay. Shortly: we have grown a lot and with this growth came the need to use marketing to show our skills and describe our professional way of working to potential clients and investors

Real Estate Florida - Remida

Content marketing, a winning strategy

Remida uses its website as a channel to reach three goals:

  1. consolidate and structure the relationship with clients, who can find on the website updates and data about each operation they are following;
  2. support the relationships with new potential investors, who can find on the website all the general information  that they need;
  3. last, but not least, help the company to take the leap from casual word-of-mouth to digital marketing and meet a broader audience in Italy and in the world, getting in touch with new potential investors who daily look for real estate opportunities in the USA.

Talking about marketing, the work on the website’s content was crucial: it allowed the website to gain a dramatic increase in visits from the organic search with a consequential increase of contact requests by real estate investors.

What kind of strategy has been applied?

Back in august 2016, the website was completely restyled and, then, their online presence was consolidated creating new content, to serve to their audience simple and clear explanations that can fit their knowledge needs.

At this point, Remida met Wordlift and decided to use this tool to improve its content strategy through artificial intelligence applied to SEO and the creation of a vocabulary of strategic entities in Remida’s industry.

Leveraging on the semantic organization of the content, Remida shares knowledge and interesting articles that could be useful for potential clients who are trying to get deeper into some topics related to real estate.

The real estate technical jargon is the basis of Remida’s vocabulary, and represents the knowledge that is needed as to understand this industry. The entities are truly useful to users that are first approaching the real estate markets, they have been connected to the articles, enriching them with learning opportunities.

To monitor competitors and analyze ranking improvements for the most important keywords and concepts, Remida chose the Editorial Subscription, that combines WordLift‘s AI and the technical SEO audit by WooRank.

What about results? Find out how traffic and leads grow

Google Analytics Remida

Organic traffic from march 2016, until today

Before august 2016, Remida’s website was essential and very simple. The organic traffic was quite fragmentary: you could observe few peaks and long periods without a single visit.

Thanks to the continuous work of content creation, management and organization and to the implementation of the entity-based content model through Wordlift, the organic traffic of the website grew considerably bringing new leads. In the screenshot below, you can how the traffic from organic search improved between January, when WordLift was first installed, and September of this year.

WordLift - Remida

WordLift effect on Remida

If you consider the last four months, 55% of leads come to the website from search engines. A result that was impossibile at first, without offering valuable content through a content strategy specifically designed for those who want to invest in the USA market from Italy.

Thanks to content and to its outreach strategy, Remida was contacted by several clients who were interested to make considerable investments on the project. To guess the value of a single lead in this specific market, just consider that investments start at $40.000 and can exceed $500.000.

Fonti Traffico Remida

The digital strategy of Remida Holding combines paid and organic traffic

An accurate content marketing strategy allowed Remida to gain more visibility: you can have a better idea, looking at the improvements to the rankings of some keywords which are strategic for the business. In less than one year, Remida reached the first positions for some research queries.

WooRank keyword analysis

This graph shows the improvements of the rankings for one of the main keywords. Source: WooRank.

Wrap up and key learnings

Just a few months after they started working on content, Remida and its team decided to use WordLift to boost its content marketing: for this reason, it has been possibile to observe the effects of every tactic and to spot the successful content which engaged potential clients most.

Here are three key learnings that can be useful for those who work in communication and marketing in the real estate industry and are thinking about designing a content marketing strategy.

  1. Valuable content are those that better respond to the specific needs of actual and potential customers: before writing a new article, think who can be interested in reading it.
  2. While thinking and writing a content, try imagine possible learning paths for your readers starting from the blog post. Basic concepts can become new entities and enrich the reading experience.
  3. Articles and entities written in these months form an accessible knowledge base that can be capitalized in terms of traffic even in those periods when you can’t publish new ones.

Are you thinking about using content marketing for your real estate business? Start using WordLift and let artificial intelligence help you!

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