Search Engine Optimization is based on data of all sorts including contextual data, analytical data, and technical data. The effective tools utilized for accessing that data would be fueling your capacity to arrive at SEO decisions to maintain your performance and keep on moving forward in the correct direction.

In this article, some important Search Engine Optimization tools would be explored in different categories. Some of these tools are pretty expensive with additional features while others are for free or quite affordable but all of them are indispensable. Your SEO tools are known for real value for your money.

The SEO tools that are slightly more on the costlier side are really more convenient to use and they would be boasting of several features that would help you in working more efficiently, effectively, and productively.

Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are supposed to be the keystones of your SEO toolkit. Both these tools come completely free. They would be effectively helping you in accessing performance data which cannot be provided by any other source. These two important SEO tools would be helping the two of the principal search engines to keep sending you messages about problems and concerns on your site impacting your SERP rankings.

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Enterprise SEO Platforms

The Enterprise SEO Platforms are supposed to be all-in-one SEO tools that would be offering convenience, ramping up monitoring and forecasting natural search performance over numerous pages and keyword targets and against several of your identified competitors, of course, for a price. They would be recommending targeted optimizations for diverse pages. The top contenders in this category are Searchmetrics, Moz, and BrightEdge. These are very much in demand among large companies and top SEO agencies; however, they could cost you thousands of dollars every month.

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Keyword Tools

If you are looking for important keyword data, you should explore Google AdWords Keyword Planner. If your organization is runningAdWords campaigns, you could be accessing that account for using the keyword planner. Moreover, there is certainly no additional cost involved beyond what has already been spent on AdWords. In case, if you do not have official access to any active AdWords account, you may consider trying one of these efficient keyword tools, like SEMrush, Wordstream, and also, Ahrefs. All these tools are actually subscription-based.

AI-powered SEO tools

AI gave a deep contribute to content marketing. Using AI in SEO isn’t totally new, however it is a quickly developing technology today, with tools like WordLift, an AI-powered SEO plugin for WordPress. It translates your content in machine-readable content for search engines and other crawlers, in order to help you get better rankings for the content you publish. Acrolinx, One Spot, Market Brew, Narrative Science are the best example of AI tools you can use in SEO and content marketing.

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Web Analytics

Google Analytics is supposed to be the most acknowledged and widely popular SEO tool in the world of analytics because of its ease and convenience in extracting data at precisely the URL level. This tool comes free provided you are happy with the basic version. However, if you are interested in an enterprise version you would have to shell out some bucks. Get Google Analytics today, if you do not have it already. Adobe Analytics is supposed to be another package that is often noticed in huge organizations.


If you are a dedicated campaigner and are really serious about Search Engine Optimization, you must necessarily pay up the cash to have an access to the proper tools. You must appreciate that you would fail in achieving success in SEO tasks without utilizing paid subscriptions.


Maria Jones is an SEO consultant specializing in digital marketing. She has been keeping up with SEM & SMM trends for a decade or so. She is a dedicated contributor to Tayloright blog where she posts advice, news, and valuable resources.

Maria Jones

SEO consultant and Contributor, Tayloright

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