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WordCamp Europe 2018 ? Thanks Belgrade!

We love WordCamps and WCEU is the biggest event on the planet for the entire WordPress community. Yes, we have been super excited and very proud to be part of the amazing lineup of speakers of the 2018 edition with a session dedicated to conversational UIs, voice search, and structured data ?. Find below my slide deck ?

What made WordCamp Europe 2018 so special?

WordCamp Europe 2018 has been held in Belgrade, Serbia (on the 15th and 16th of June, 2018 ).

We had an amazing 2-day event to meet and discuss news and updates about WordPress, Gutenberg and how the biggest open source Web Content Management System is evolving now also thanks to the help of Google.

I found extremely welcoming the team behind this WordCamp and overall, I had one of the best experiences that you can have at a developer conference. Besides the delicious and aboundant food endlessly served throught the day the volonteers took into account every single detail to make the experience of everyone truly memorable. Just to give you an example – several team members knew by heart the names of the speakers (mine included) and took great care to ensure that everything run smoothly and accordingly to the schedule.

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What have been the main topics of WordCamp Europe 2018?

There have been 9 tracks this year that have been created after carefully reviewing over 374 applications! The main topics included:

  • Open Source and the Web: the importance of open standards, how to protect our privacy and the evolution of open source web content management systems like WordPress and Drupal
  • Design: all that matters in the world of user experience and web design, from the evolving trends in inclusive design to the importance of progressive web themes for WordPress
  • Gutenberg: hate it or love it the new editor of WordPress is on its way and yes, it is going to have a huge impact on the entire ecosystem
  • Accessibility and SEO: how to be truly accessible and how to use technical SEO for growing your audience (this last topic is going to be covered by Joost de Valk from Yoast ?
  • Personal Growth: Mindfullness for WordPress users, managing expectations and fighting the burnout
  • Development (General): A lot of helpful information on the art of caching and how to become a ninja in unit testing
  • Development (Advanced): WordPress is moving towards React and this is a major topic if your hands are dirty in plugin and themes development
  • Business and Freelancing: How to be successful by providing services around WordPress
  • Content and Branding: How to make your content shine, from building a solid strategy to creating smart content using tools like WordLift ? (yes, my workshop, called Making Websites Talk: The Rise of Voice Search and Conversational Interfaces, is going to be part of this section)

Making Website Talk: How machine learning and AI help you distribute your content

WordLift's workshop for WordCamp Europe 2018

WordLift’s workshop for WordCamp Europe 2018

We have been very happy to be part this year of WCEU with a session dedicated to structured data, smart content and how to reach new readers with the help of artificial intelligence and personal digital assistant like the Google Assistant.

Learn how to use the power of semantic intelligent content to make your website talk and to improve the findability of your content. During this workshop we will cover: Why semantically rich, intelligent content is important for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, how to optimise your content for Voice Search and Personal Digital Assistants, how to build a chatbot for your website and an app for the Google Assistant, and the discovery of chatbots and key performance indicators to improve them.

We had a great interactive workshop to help editors, web publishers, and developers get the best out of structured data and semantic SEO techniques.

Keep on following us and let’s meet at the next WCEU ? Thanks Belgrade and thanks to all volunteers involved