SMXL Milan 2017

What is SMXL Milan 2017?

SMXL Milan 2017 is a 3-day conference on Social Media and Search Marketing that took place in Milan (MiCo – Milano Congressi) on 13 – 15 November. It hosted world-class speakers, collateral events, such as the e-Metrics summit, the bootcamp, and the Search Awards, and immersive workshops, turning Milan into a digital marketing international hub. 

Andrea Volpini joined the panel about structured data and semantics to discuss how they affect SEO.

What was structured data & semantics panel really about?

The panel on structured data and semantics at SMXL Milan 2017 introduced the key concepts and benefits of structured data and how the vocabulary helps search engines index and categorize content and making it accessible to voice search, personal digital assistants, and chatbots.

There are several aspects that have been covered by the panelists.

Richard Wallis is a well known independent consultant and Structured Web Data evangelist who has worked directly with Google to develop and extend the vocabulary. Richard, in his talk, introduced the key concepts of structured data and the reasons why marketers shall embrace it to annotate their content. See his presentation below. ?

Martha van Berkel is a digital strategist and an innovator developing a leading technology to help business owners leverage on structured data. Her talk was focused on how to overcome the technical challenges of adding the markup to your pages and how to maintain the data over time. Also, Martha illustrated further benefits of this approach by analyzing the business impact and value. See her presentation.

Andrea Volpini‘s talk has been primarily focused on the importance of natural language processing and how the semantic web stack can help publishers gain back control over their data to improve readership engagement and to help them leverage on the emerging ecosystem of personal digital assistants, voice search and chatbots. See his presentation below. ?

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