By Valentina Izzo

1 year ago

WordLift is happy to announce a new member of the team – Kim Renberg, our new Sales Administrator!

WordLift is happy to announce a new member of the team – Kim Renberg 💙

Quick Facts

Name: Kim Renberg
Age: 58
Position in WordLift: Sales Administrator
Languages spoken: English, Italian, Danish

Let’s Get to Know Kim

Tell us more about yourself…

I was born in Denmark and have lived half my life in Italy, mainly in Rome. Over the years I have become a kind of hybrid, mixing the two cultures. The Italians experience me as Nordic and the Danes as Mediterranean.
I have a very broad professional background and interests: I have a master’s degree in public administration from Denmark, I have worked as an export manager in the Italian automotive industry, I have worked as a project manager in the Italian MICE and travel industry, and I have taken on several roles in the digital media industry.
Throughout my professional life, I have always worked with people from different cultural backgrounds from many countries around the world. This is always an inspiring experience that I enjoy very much. Organizing business activities across multiple local, business and even corporate cultures is a great challenge that I enjoy very much – and making it even more successful.
In the field of digital media, SEO has always been my main interest. I have been working with SEO since 2000. One of my first challenges was AltaVista, now it’s as good as Google. I believe SEO should be an important part of any content marketing project. So I find WordLift’s ambition to push modern SEO into the realm of structured data and semantic markup very exciting.

3 things you love the most about being a WordLifter🏋️‍♀️

I enjoy organizing sales efforts and helping organizations and businesses use WordLift tools, services and solutions in the best way possible.
I love selling highly innovative technologies with WordLift’s multidisciplinary team, which has strong expertise in search engine optimization. It’s a great experience to be part of the commercial rollout and add business value to our global customers.
Finally, I find it stimulating to work in an innovative environment with smart people. I learn new things every day. Before I started at WordLift, I did not know much about e-commerce and AI-generated content. Now it’s part of my everyday work.
And then one more thing. WordLift as a company works with many other innovative professionals, organizations and companies in many countries. Working at WordLift means being part of something bigger that’s happening all over the world.

Can you share exciting innovative tools that you’re using at WordLift?

Well, I use the WordLift WordPress plugin myself as a travel blogger. The blog is written in Danish and aims to sell Rome as a travel destination to Danish individual travelers. I have been using WordLift since before I joined the company. Dealing with a destination means that keyword searches are often inefficient and competition is high. Tourist places have names you can not get around. You need to rank for their official names.
Working with structured data and semantic markup has been a spectacular experience for me. Even a small blog can benefit from WordLift technology. After a few months I found my posts on good page 1 positions in Google SERP, with FAQ schema markup I got good results on ‘people also ask’ and I even found some rich snippets at the top of SERP.
I definitely found that structured data is not just a matter for big companies, but this innovative tool is suitable for everyone, including blogs and small businesses.

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