By Googolo

4 years ago

A selection Google’s rich snippets and SERP features and how you can acquire these snippets to feature your own website using schema markup.

Local Business Listing

A listing for a local business provides information for the knowledge graph and rich results on the SERP. Using a local business listing, you can provide information about things like: business hours, different departments within your business, reviews, contact information and more. You can also use a listing to provide ways for users to make reservations, payments and other actions. This can be done for a variety of businesses from restaurants to travel agencies.

Structured Data and Local Business Listings

For local business listings, structured data is required for rich snippets as they can be useful in providing information to search engines and viewers alike. The LocalBusiness markup on Schema can be particularly useful and there are also a variety of other markups for differing types of businesses. These can include markups such as AnimalShelter, Dentist, Store, HomeAndConstructionBusiness, and many others. The full definition of LocalBusiness and the full list of business type markups can be found on Schema.

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