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A selection Google’s rich snippets and SERP features and how you can acquire these snippets to feature your own website using schema markup.


Recipe carousel rich snippet

Recipe rich snippets are rich results that include both text and a list of items to be eaten. In recipes, the TAB key is used to list the items to be eaten.

To increase the CTRs of your recipe listings, you should update the database with the latest information regarding their availability. In most cases, this will require contacting the previous owners of the recipes. If you find yourself in a position where your recipe listings are not very popular, you can always try to add more information to the database, which could lead to a higher CTR.

In some cases, the content within a recipe can be more valuable than the search result, so seek out opportunities where your content can provide value to the user. For example, place a special order for fresh ingredients or make special dietary adjustments.

Structured Data and Recipes

The ItemList schema markup is crucial to appear in host-specific links or carousels. You can use the markup to add details about the name, cuisine type, and other information related to your recipe. The Recipe markup is also useful for adding more specific information to your recipe that can be used in combination with HowTo and PAA rich snippets. The full definition of ItemList and Recipe can be found at Schema.


Companies that are trying to hire a new employee might face difficulties because they are unable to reach the intended target group. Interestingly, 82% of Fortune 500 executives believe that their companies do not recruit top talent.

In this scenario, ensuring that the posting is visible on search engines and recruiting platforms is key. Keeping important details in mind and using structured data markup helpers can largely influence the visibility and compatibility to candidates. For example, structured data can greatly help attract attention to your job posting using the JobPosting schema markup. The following paragraphs describe how organizations can achieve a better response.

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