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By Googolo

4 years ago

A selection Google’s rich snippets and SERP features and how you can acquire these snippets to feature your own website using schema markup.


Video box for a brand

Videos are extremely important for brands to have a clear position in Google SERPs. Videos can be shown for any search query. That means if you’re a news portal, you can appear in SERPs with your videos. If you’re a content provider, you can provide a video to users for free. Though if your video clip is not loading or has no video information, it may lead to lower CTRs. 

Uploading and managing a video on a youtube channel is a chapter on its own. With a good marketing strategy, it can also bring higher CTRs. If you decide to host a video on your own channel, you have to include proper structured data markup. Please, refer to Google guidelines. It’s easier to appear as a video thumbnail in SERPs with youtube video. 

In the case of news portals, it’s probably a good idea to update your video descriptions with thumbnail images. In the case of video carousels, it’s probably a good idea to link your video to a youtube channel.

Structured Data and Videos

Image markup is preferable, but not required. The width and height of the video should reflect the visual content. The description should include keywords and should clearly and specifically identifies the video as a whole. The description should be relevant and unique.


Yummy recipes look yummier on the SERP if they have a rich snippet. Recipe snippets include images, reviews, cooking times, ingredients and much more. Besides helping your recipe get a rich snippet and therefore a higher CTR, your structured data will also help Google read the details of your recipe and serve it to the right searcher understanding if it’s dairy free or not, how many eggs are needed and stuff like that.

Let’s see how it works. 

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