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4 years ago

A selection Google’s rich snippets and SERP features and how you can acquire these snippets to feature your own website using schema markup.

Movie Carousels

Movie carousel SERP example

Using structured data markup can now be used with creating carousels of movie titles. These movie carousels can be used to display a series of movies based on parameters set by a user. Among these include: genre, actors, directors, studios, plot, etc. 

Structured Data and Movie Carousels

You can use the Movie schema markup to add the required structured data markup for your website. Your structured data needs to follow the webmaster, carousel and general structured data guidelines. At minimum, you need to include a title and image, though it’s also recommended to add an aggregate tag for average rating, a nested review, a director’s name, and a release date for the movie. The full definition of Movie is available at Schema.

Branding and Personal Branding

Building a brand or working on personal branding, in terms of SEO, basically means one thing: decide what you want people to see when they look for your brand or your name. The SERP that comes out from branded searches can and must be fully controlled by you, if you want it to be meaningful and clean. Your brand SERP visuals are especially important because it provides the audience with credible information that will influence their understanding/appreciation of the brand.

One can establish themselves online through increasing visibility efforts on the databases that google pulls its information from. This will allow you to be a part of Google’s knowledge graph entity. Structured data can help you, together with social media content (tweets, videos, LinkedIn profile, etc). A basic explanation of how this works is provided below.

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