Maria Popova

Who is Maria Popova?

Maria Popova is a Bulgarian writer, blogger, and critic living in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her blog, which features her writing on culture and found objects off and on the Internet.

Why do we care so much about her?

Every day we build WordLift to help bloggers and web site owners tell great stories to both humans and machines. Maria Popova is one of these bloggers and she knows how important it is to organize and curate online content. She once said:

Curation is more than packaging: it is to help readers [discern] what is important in the world.

When building our knowledge graph with WordLift we as editor and bloggers, chose what matters in our world.

As voracious readers of her blog we’re happy to have an entity under her name. Last but not least Maria has contributed in promoting the Dear Data project (yet another “thing” we care about).