Dear Data

“See the world as a data collector. Every week for a year, designers Giorgia and Stefanie sent each other a postcard capturing information about something different, from their digital activity to their emotions. Dear Data shows that information can be an artistic material for all of us. It will inspire you to notice what’s around you, capture hidden patterns and find creativity even in the smallest details of your life.”

Dear Data – The Project

Dear Data started as an analog data-driven illustration project by two information designers Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec.

They have collected and hand drawn their own personal data: an emotional representation of their quantified selves over a year long period. They sent it to each other in the form of postcards that eventually became a book.

Dear Data – The Book

After all the correspondence Giorgia and Stefanie became friends and they published a 300-page long, large-format flexibound book. The world famous Bulgarian blogger Maria Popova wrote in her touching foreword of the book:

[this] book reclaims that poetic granularity of the individual from the homogenizing aggregate-grip of Big Data.

Giorgia Lupi and Stephanie Posavec: Dear Data

Dear Data and WordLift

Much like Dear Data, WordLift adds its value to the “analog” stories that each one of us writes in the digital world. As we write WordLift translates relevant concepts (“entities”) into data structures that machine understand.

The semantic editor connects each concept with the web of data and creates a data graph. The visualization below is called “chord” and surfaces the relationships of the data graph.

The visualization is made by WordLift and uses the famous D3 – JavaScript library.

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