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Google Big Moments

Google is reportedly developing a new search feature called “Big Moments” to highlight important information about breaking news events in real-time.

Big Moments will provide historical context about events when possible, and go beyond what Google typically shows in search results for news stories.

Suppose the story is a natural disaster such as a hurricane, for example. In that case, Big Moments can list authoritative facts about the number of deaths and injuries and data on the frequency of storms in the area.

Google can pull the information for Big Moments from open source data repositories such as Data Commons, which collects data from U.S. government agencies and is hosted by Google.

The team developing Big Moments is lead by Elizabeth Reid, a 17-year veteran at Google. She is a Senior Search Executive and previously worked on Maps and Maps-related tools such as My Business. 

The new feature is still in its testing phase and nowhere near ready for public use. Still, Google reportedly plans to roll the tool out to users during significant news events like political debates and sporting matches.

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