Final thoughts and future work

The beauty of automation and agentive SEO is in general, as I like to call it, that you gain super powers while still remaining in full control of the process. AI is far from being magic or becoming (at least in this context) a replacement for content writers and SEOs, rather AI is a smart assistant that can augment our work. 

There are some clear limitations with extractive text summarization that are related to the fact that we deal with sentences and if we have long sentences in our web page, we will end up having a snippet that is far too long to become a perfect meta description. I plan to keep on working to fine-tune the parameters to get the best possible results in terms of expressiveness and length but…so far only a 10-15% is good enough and doesn’t require any extra update from our natural intelligence. A vast majority of the summaries look good and it is substantial but still goes beyond the 160 character limits. 

There is, of course, a lot of potential in these summaries beyond the generation of meta descriptions for SEO  – we can for instance create a “featured snippet” type of experience to provide relevant abstracts to the readers. Moreover, if the tone of the article is conversational enough, the summary might also become a speakable paragraph that we can use to introduce the content on voice-enabled devices (i.e. “what is the latest WordLift article about?”). So, while we can’t let the machine really run the show alone, there is a concrete value in using BERT for summarization. 


As you arrived to the end of this long article, it is time to remind us all that none of this could be possible without the work of many people and enlightened organizations that are committed to open source technologies and that are enabling and encouraging practitioners around the world to make (well, hopefully) the web a better place! 

It is also thanks to mavericks and SEOs with a data-driven mindset like Paul Shapiro and Hamlet that I got interested in the topic and ready to experiment with new tools! 

Give a spin to the code on the Google Colab and send me any comments or suggestions over Twitter or LinkedIn!

Want to scale your marketing efforts with Woorank and WordLift SEO management service? I can’t wait to learn more about your challenges! [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

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