Posted by Andrea Volpini 1 year ago

What a remarkable few days we had. Last Tuesday we arrived in Leipzig for the SEMANTiCS conference sponsored by our EU research project MICO and we completed the development of this website that lets users instantly grab an account to get started with the latest release of our plugin. 🚀

The message at the conference was received loud and clear – the linked data community knows WordLift already after all. Now we will start full steam to bring the plugin outside of the research world and in the hands of journalists, content producers, bloggers, site builders and enterprises.

For much of these four past years we’ve been working to develop a product that would help content creators produce richer content and organize it around their audience. Whilst continuing working on other projects to finance WordLift we have finally created a dedicated team around the plugin and we’re getting on board our first clients.

WordLift organizes knowledge, reducing the complexity of content management and digital marketing operations to let authors focus on stories and communities. The plugin brings content discovery and recommendations, adds semantic markup but most importantly, WordLift publishes all metadata as linked open data as a new way to syndicate content and implement new business models.

Join us on this journey

In spirit of listening closely to our early users, we’re continuing the development of the plugin on GitHub where anyone can vote, comment or contribute on the features they want to see in WordLift.

Please feel free to email us on if you have any feature requests, comments, or just want to say “ciao”.

We’re also available on Twitter @wordliftit and Facebook.

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