What is MICO research about?

MICO (Media in Context) is a EU-funded research project to develop an open and integrated platform for cross-media analysis, metadata publishing, querying and recommendations.

MICO brings together seven partners with complementary expertise: two industrial research centers (Salzburg Research and Fraunhofer), three universities (Universtiy of Passau, UMEA Universtiy and Universtiy of Oxford) and two SMEs focused on content management (Insideout10 and Zaizi Ltd).

The Challenge

The main challenges for MICO are integration and orchestration of extractors for various media types, capable of reusing their results. Find out more on the MICO website.

Our solution

It took three years of R&D to Insideout10 to validate an innovative process of content management based on semantic mark-up. MICO research resulted in the development of two new plugins for WordPress: the video hosting platform Helixware, and WordLift, the next-generation content marketing tool.

WordLift helps editorial teams to produce more-aware editorial decisions and add context that connects content to existing open datasets.

We validated our solution on the market, giving promising results: content structuring and metadata help editorial teams to better organize knowledge, reduce the complexity of content management operations and increase traffic and readers’ engagement. In less words, organize knowledge through structured data allows content to target a specific public and get attention.

Next step in our roadmap is to extend annotation even to media, such as images and videos.

For further details about our contribution to MICO, see the presentation below: