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Mark Bryce-Sharron

Mark Bryce-SharronMark Bryce Sharron is an SEO Expert, who in 2006 founded the British digital agency Sussex SEO. Nowadays, he works as Managing Director at his own agency, but he still keeps his hands-on and doesn’t stop networking and learning how SEO evolves.

This approach is reflected in Sussex SEO’s philosophy: unlike many SEO companies, Sussex SEO does not focus on a range of keywords clients should rank for, but it works on developing a holistic digital strategy for each client to multiply the sources of traffic and maximize the brand exposure.

Mark says about himself:

«SEO and social media fuels my passion for self-study as it presents an endless exponential learning curve that few careers can match. I devote an average of one/two hours per day, monitoring industry data, IM forums and following case studies thus ensuring that I keep my skill set up to date so changes to such as Google’s Penguin update don’t cost my clients lost business.»