Google launches the Knowledge Graph – 2012

It is one of the most important changes in the SERP of Google since the very beginning. In May 2012 users start to see large panels with additional factual information about the topic you were searching over the right side of Google’s search result pages. These information-rich widgets are powered by the “Knowledge Graph” of Google. Knowledge Graph Panels are used to present a summary of relevant information about search queries as well as a list of related topics. In addition, Google starts using these panels to clarify what exactly the user is looking. In other words, Google starts to disambiguate the queries using its vast knowledge base.

The introduction of the Google Knowledge Graph represents a historical time in the evolution of search engines.

As engines like Google, become semantic and therefore are capable of understanding the intent of the searcher and dive into a vast amount of knowledge users get accustomed to receiving answers to questions, rather than a list of websites where the answer might be found.

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