What is so hot about Telegram and why do we use it?
To begin with, Telegram is the Russian instant messaging service that set the standard in the market by encrypting messages shared on their platform; this feature challenged WhatsApp which was forced to encrypt its messages as well in order to be up to the new market standards. It is of course cloud-based and is available both as mobile and desktop app.
Messages are not only heavily encrypted but users can also create Secret Chats with timers for messages’ self destruction.
Apparently the reason why encryption has always been a cornerstone of Telegram development merges with Europe’s history: the aim was to build a mean of communication that couldn’t be accessed by Russian security agencies. Is this true? We really don’t know but we are all fond of this idea besides the fact that the app is just as good as old, dear WhatsApp and equally fast in delivering messages.
Last but not least Telegram is cool and stylish since it has always had a strong set of APIs for creating bots (here is the documentation: and provides users with the possibility of sharing fun and customized stickers.