Google Zero-Result SERP – 2018

What is a Zero-Result SERP?

It is when Google provides in the SERP a Knowledge Card with the response to a specific question like “what is the time in Rome?” and a “Show all results” button with no additional organic results. It is currently limited to a small set of answers, such as calculators, unit conversions, and time/date related queries.

It would be really doomsday for all the organic SEO if it wasn’t limited to very few cases. In a way, it’s a clear sign that as we progress and Knowledge Graphs get smarter there will be less and less need for searching as we know it.

At the same time, users will always need high-quality opinionated content and data to be fed into AI models and knowledge graphs, so don’t panic ? (read instead a great article by Dr. Pete on the topic).

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