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Programmatic SEO

By @ValeIzzo86 & @CyberAndy

In December, my little network of sites generated 1.2m+ visitors and over 2m pageviews. 99% of that traffic was from programmatic SEO.

By Ian Nuttall

What is programmatic SEO?

It's a way to generate a lot of pages that target different keywords using code.

By Ian Nuttall

1. IMPACTFUL RESULTS.  The potential results will be immediately scalable.

What are the benefits of implementing programmatic SEO?

2. SCALING FAST. using data and an SEO-friendly structure, programmatic builds allow us to develop thousands of pages dynamically.

Google doesn't like substantially similar pages targeting the same search intent.



What is the challenge with programmatic SEO?

We asked Doreid, our SEO expert, about it.

What about structured data in programmatic SEO?

How do we validate data?