Optimizing SEO with AI Agents: The Future of Smart Content Strategy

By @ValeIzzo86 & @CyberAndy

Discover how we turbocharged a SEO content using the WordLift AI agent in a few hours -  3 simple steps!

This is an experiment!

Identify content that shows potential despite its current underperformance in rankings.


Analyze the entities behind the article by using the WordLift AI agent. 


In addition,  analyze the top ranking results for the query "conversational search"

Align both sides of the analysis to discover the key components to improve rankings and increase organic traffic for that content.

This allows us to bridge the "content gap," uncovering the missing pieces Google expects to see on your website to boost your content's ranking on the SERP.

Leverage this information to enhance your content strategy. 


If the suggested relevant entities are absent from the Knowledge Graph, we add and annotate them, enriching our content through expansion.


If the suggested relevant entities already exist in the Knowledge Graph but lack annotations, we incorporate these annotations within our content to enrich its context and depth.


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The magic is done!

A few hours later...

Featuring on the SERP...

A few hours later...

Looking at Google Search Console...

Position 4.2!