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Google Pathways AI 

By @ValeIzzo86 & @CyberAndy

Google introduces Pathways, a new AI architecture that will handle many tasks at once, learn new tasks quickly and reflect a better understanding of the world.

Who is the mastermind behind Pathways?

Jeff Dean

He is Senior Fellow & SVP, Google AI (Research and Health).

The complexity and depth of the events that AI is helping us deal with today are such that we must create a new AI model. 

How did the idea come about?

Google Pathways is the answer! 

It is a new way of thinking about AI that addresses many of the weaknesses of existing systems and synthesizes their strengths.

What is Google Pathways?

It is  multi-tasking

How it works

Today’s AI models are typically trained to do only one thing. Pathways will enable us to train a single model to do thousands or millions of things.

It is  multi-modal

How it works

Today’s models mostly focus on one sense.  Pathways could enable multimodal models that encompass vision, auditory, and language understanding simultaneously.

It is  more efficient

How it works

Today’s models are dense and inefficient. Pathways will make them sparse and efficient. Activating only the necessary parts for each task will save energy and be faster. 

Google Pathways will enable a single Neural Network Architecture to generalize across thousands or millions of tasks, to understand different types of data, and to do so with remarkable efficiency.

Is Google MUM one of the outcomes of this new approach? 

Are you ready for the next step?