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BLOOM:  open-access multilingual language model

By @ValeIzzo86 & @CyberAndy

It is a new large (multilingual) language model (LLM), larger than GPT-3, and is distributed free of charge.

BLOOM was created by over 1,000 volunteer researchers in a project called BigScience, which was coordinated by AI startup Hugging Face.

It is designed to be as transparent as possible, with researchers sharing details about the data it was trained on, the challenges in its development, and the way they evaluated its performance. 

Anyone can download it and tinker with it free of charge on Hugging Face’s website!

You can select the language and make requests to BLOOM to perform tasks such as writing recipes or poems, translating or summarizing text, or writing programming code. You can use the model as a basis for creating your applications. 

With 176 billion parameters (GPT-3 has 175 billion), BLOOM is the first language model of this size.

One amazing thing is the vast number of human languages the model can understand. 

It can process 46 natural languages, including 13 Indian languages and 20 African languages.  The model also includes 13 programming languages.  This is very unusual in the world of large language models, where English dominates.



Using BLOOM we have built an App to create amazing content!

We used BLOOM and the answer was incredible🤩

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