Are you ready to dive deep into the very heart of Google’s search engine magic? Join Emilija Gjorgjevska, Sara Moccand-Sayegh, and Jason Barnard, who will walk you through this webinar to a new way of approaching content creation, SEO, and brand development!

In an era where the digital landscape is as vast and competitive as ever, understanding all the facets and intricacies of Google’s search algorithm is your ticket to online success. Enter the fascinating world of Entity Linking and Entity SEO for brand development = two game-changing concepts that are reshaping the online search ecosystem. 

What to Expect:

  • Knowledge is Power: Learn how Entity Linking bridges the gap between the web’s treasure trove of information and your brand’s identity. Discover how it goes beyond keywords to understand the context, relationships, and entities that define your online presence. Uncover the secrets to crafting content that resonates with both users and search engines and enhances your brand understanding. 
  • Supercharge Your Brand: Your brand isn’t just a name; it’s an entity. Explore how Entity SEO can transform your brand’s online perception. Delve into the strategies that turn your brand into a recognized entity on the web, complete with Google Knowledge Panels that showcase your authority and credibility. 
  • Demystifying Entity Linking and Entity SEO. Real-world examples and case studies. Proven techniques for content optimization. Strategies to build and enhance your brand entity. Steps to secure your own Knowledge Panel. 

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Organized by Kalicube in partnership with WordLift.

Sara Moccand-Sayegh

Sara is an SEO specialist working at Liip AG, one of Switzerland’s largest web development agencies. She is also the co-host of SEOnerdSwitzerland, an SEO-specific Meetup she started in 2019. At Liip, she supports all partners and clients in all corners of Switzerland with SEO. The secret to her success, in addition to the technical skills she has acquired over the years, is the close collaboration with analytics specialists, designers, developers & content experts.

Emilija Gjorgjevska

Growth-minded person and energetic martech engineer dedicated to understanding user intents, continuous education, and self-improvement. She loves building stuff and using data to understand people’s needs, so she developed a unique skill set that combines my IT background with marketing, growth, entertainment, copywriting, research, teaching, business & product development experience. Her past work revolves around scaling processes and communities, scalable data analysis, and strategy optimization.

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