Google Duplex for  e-commerce

By @ValeIzzo86 & @CyberAndy

What is Google Duplex

Duplex on the Web is a technology that enables Google Assistant to automate the following user's tasks for your site visitors. 

What can Google Duplex do?

1. Purchase movie theater tickets for users on your website. 2. Help users with an optimized and automated checkout experience on your website.

3. Help users place food orders.    4. Help users check-in to their flight.  5. Automate changing site passwords using Google Assistant.

How does Google Duplex work?

1.  TRAINING Duplex on the Web trains periodically against your site to enable Google Assistant to perform certain actions.

2.  SERVING It is controlled by a setting in Search Console. If Duplex on the Web is enabled for your site, Google Assistant can offer to perform supported actions for site visitors. 

How to enable Google Duplex on your website

Open the Duplex on the Web settings page for your property and click Enable  (if not already selected).

Google will notify you when your request to enable serving has been processed and the Duplex on the Web has begun training against your site.

Why to enable Google Duplex for e-commerce

Your customers can have a faster checkout experience on your online store.

"Users are now seeing it in action after visiting a retailer’s product listing from a Search result in the Google app for Android."

By Glenn Gabe

This happens in real-time, with users able to see the process above. 

Google Assistant Fast checkout looks to currently be available in the US and UK.