SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™

Connect Your Google Search Console
You can connect the Add-On to your Google Search Console and extract the TOP search queries from there, choosing the period you want (30-90 days).
Run The SERP Analysis
For each search query, you can analyze the first five results and see all the details about keywords and their rankings.
Select the Entities Relevant To You
After analyzing the SERP, you can see the entities that are related to the search queries and you can select those most relevant to your content.
Identify Interlinks With Open Datasets
The Add-On gives you sameAs linked to Wikidata and DBpedia, indicating the correct entity.
Build Your Knowledge Graph
You can import the selected entities that are most relevant to your business directly into the Knowledge Graph with just one click, regardless of which CMS you use!
Get Support From Our Team
A dedicated team provides you with live support at any time.