Your Content Model in Action with WordLift

With Cruce Saunders, we’ve got deep into Content Modeling. In this webinar, we get more practical showing you how we have structured Jason Barnard’s website by using WordLift’s latest feature called Mappings.

Why does it matter?

Structuring you content model is key to achieve better content findability and enable you to reuse the information across different channels. The befits of this kind of content organization can help you:

  1. Boost Your SEO
    – Stand out on search with improved markups
    – Help Google understand your website
    – Create multiple-entry points from Google Search
  2. Improve Information Architecture
    – Help us understanding our own content
    – Improve user engagement
    – Add internal links
  3. Favor content re-referencing
    – Provide context
    – Improve the user experience with context cards and recommendations

What Are You Going to Learn?

In this 1-hour webinar, Andrea Volpini and Jason Barnard will show you how we have structured Kalicube’s content model starting from its archive with more than one hundred podcasts. A great wealth of content for marketers and SEO experts that’s now easier to find and to look into.

  1. Learn how to add markup to the ACF fields of your website
  2. Understand how this will improve the quality of your content
  3. Learn how to build a knowledge graph around your content model.

Download the Presentation Deck

Find below Andrea and Jason’s full presentation deck. It’s a deep dive into a very valuable example of content modeling!

Read the presentation deck

Who is Andrea Volpini?

Andrea Volpini, CEO of WordLift, is a visionary entrepreneur, now focusing on semantic web and artificial intelligence.

Co-founder of InSideOut10 and director of InsideOut Today, Andrea has more than 20 years of world-class experience in online strategies and web publishing. In 2013 Andrea Volpini kick-started RedLink GmbH, a commercial spin-off focusing on semantic content enrichment, artificial intelligence, and search.

Who is Jason Barnard?

Jason approached SEO to promote his first website. It was the year Google was incorporated and Jason was able to build up his website to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world – we are talking about 60 million visits in 2007.

After almost two decades of experience in the field, Jason is a digital marketing consultant, speaker, author and the host of the #SEOisAEO podcast, the funniest way to learn about digital marketing from world-class experts.

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