Before we publish one new article after another, there is a huge potential waiting for us in the content we have already published in the past, but which has been lost in the rubble.

In this webinar, Aiswarya Menon – SEO Project Manager at WordLift, and Sean Si – one of the biggest SEO experts in the Philippines,explain how to optimize your existing website content from the ground up and enrich it so that search engines (and users) love it. Theyalso show you some useful tools you can use to improve your workflow and save time and energy. And finally, you see some examples of how you can apply these techniques in an effective content strategy that can make all the difference.

Specifically, you learn:

  1. How to identify the most frequently asked questions and some targeted high intensity search queries through in-depth SERP analysis;
  2. How to get meaningful content clusters through entity analysis with WordLift SEO Add-on;
  3. How to formulate FAQs with the free AI tool for answering questions.

Organized by Kalicube in partnership with WordLift.

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