Today I want to give you a slightly longer tutorial about a powerful schema property: sameAs.

For instance, we might use the sameAs property to corroborate the characteristics of a product. So one of the main characters a product is it belongs to a brand. And so we want to use the powerful search engine in the Same As field as WordLift to find the right Nike brand. We want the Nike Athletic Equipment Company. The other thing we want to do is to say that it is belonging to an important category: sportswear clothing.

Using WordLift’s integrated Same As little search engine is great. In the Same As field, you can go ahead and add just any website that is connected to this product. So for instance the official page from the producer of that clothing item.

Behind the scenes the items we marked in the Same As field is transformed by WordLift into meaningful links to Wikidata, DBpedia, and Freebase. Not only have we specified in a very simple interface what we wanted to talk about, but WordLift has added links to the web of data. And this is the web of data that is being used by search engines to build their own knowledge graphs and to build their product knowledge graph.

We’ve now seen this applied to products, but the Same As is a property of any entity type. Use to for your vocabulary, for the entity Organization, and for the entity Person. To know more watch the video below:

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