What Is WordLift Looker Studio Connector

By creating your own Knowledge Graph, you can make a difference for your business. However, it is often very difficult to understand and demonstrate its value as a semantic SEO strategy. 

If you have WordLift, you can use the Looker Studio Connector to understand and show others the results of working with structured data on your website.

With the WordLift Looker Studio Connector, you can create semantic SEO reports by loading data from Knowledge Graph directly into Looker Studio and merging it with Search Console or another web analytics platform.

Why WordLift Looker Studio Connector Is Important For Your E-Commerce Website

The WordLift Looker Studio Connector gives you the power to turn your data into real opportunities for your e-commerce business

Specifically, you’ll learn where you need to work harder and where you are already doing well, so you can: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Improve you lead generation funnel
  • Capitalize on the e-commerce trends in your industry
  • Optimize your sales performance

How You Can Optimize Your E-Commerce Website By Using WordLift Looker Studio Connector

Using a GraphQL query, WordLift Looker Studio Connector lets you view the performance of unique product attributes such as color, price, material, or category.

The report shown here blends data from your Knowledge Graph and Google Search Console data, so you can get real-time performance of pages annotated with these entities.

For example, a good use case is the year-on-year comparison of products that have the color attribute. As Google continues to re-crawl and rank your product pages over and over again, you can find out how organic impressions, clicks, CTR or SERP positions change over time.

You can also find out whether or not these pages are attracting new queries on Google. For example, if you have your white boots with the right schema markup, will Google show this product to more people searching for “white boots”?

In this video, Munene Kelvin shows you how to see performance of unique product attributes on your e-commerce site by using WordLift Looker Studio Connector. You can watch it here👇 

⚠️The WordLift Looker Studio Connector is part of our plans. If you buy WordLift subscription, you can use it for free and create Semantic Reports⚠️

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