What is WordLift?

WordLift helps your website speak Google’s native language by converting your content into a format easily understood by search engines: structured data.

Leveraging Natural Language Processing and AI, WordLift analyzes your content and identifies the most relevant topics for your business, organizing them into entities. Each entity describes an idea, concept, person, or place you’re talking about on your website. Entities are saved in a vocabulary. But WordLift goes deeper than that. It relates the entities in your vocabulary and turns the information into linked data, creating a Knowledge Graph.

Imagine the Knowledge Graph as  the infrastructure behind your content that effectively helps Google and search engines understand and index your content. As a result, users searching for products, services, or businesses like yours will find more relevant information that meets their needs.

The result is the strengthening of the authority and reliability of your website, the growth of internal link building, which helps Google and search engines understand the relationships between pages and content and their value, and increases organic traffic and the time users spend on your website.

How does WordLift work?

With WordLift, you can add structured data to your website. This way, Google and the search engines know what you’re talking about.

Once you have installed WordLift and started the plug-in, the AI will analyze the text for each piece of content on your website and suggest which concepts are relevant for your business. You can add schema markup to these concepts, and they will represent entities in your Knowledge Graph. 

The entities will be part of your vocabulary. They can be linked within your articles, enriching your content and creating a dynamic environment where users can move around and find information relevant to their search intent.

Using WordLift is simple. To take the first steps with us, watch the video here.

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How can you create an entity with WordLift?

Entities in WordLift are web pages that describe the “things” you talk about on your website. All entities are organized into a vocabulary within WordPress. Each entity is a web page and corresponds to a data point that WordLift creates in the data network.

Creating an entity with WordLift is clean. To learn how to do it and start building your vocabulary, watch the video here.

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Entities help organize the content that you’re writing. As you annotate an article with an entity, WordLift creates a relationship between the article and entity so that a computer can better understand it and you can build your Knowledge Graph.

What are the features and benefits of WordLift?

WordLift allows you to add structured data to your website content, allowing you to gain several SEO benefits:

  • Increases your website’s visibility and ranking on Google SERPs by adding Schema.org markup;
  • Enhances user experience by providing links and content recommendations that increase user engagement.

You don’t need technical skills or extra work to get these benefits. WordLift does it for you!

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