Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges of web publishing is content modeling. Creating a consistent content model will not only save your and your editorial team’s time but it will also greatly help your SEO. The content model of your website specifies how information is organized and will help you to achieve better content findability and enable you to reuse the information across different channels.

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Why does it matter?

A content model helps you to organize and manage your content efficiently. When modeled properly, the whole content architecture improves the user experience of your site and enhances your business value. So if you are looking for the content model that fits your business needs, this webinar is for you.

What Are You Going to Learn?

This 1-hour webinar is split into two parts. In the first part, Cruce Saunders gives a complete overview on content modeling for SEO, sharing his solid experience in crafting intelligent content. Here is the agenda of his presentation:

  1. The Importance of a Content Model for SEO and Beyond
  2. Content Modeling: A Quick Overview
  3. Developing a Content Model
  4. Developing a Content Model: First Steps
  5. Learning More

In the second part of the webinar, our CEO Andrea Volpini discusses some in-depth aspects of content modeling in the context of search optimization.

Dive deeper into Content Modeling

Content modeling opens up a whole new world, and I’m sure you want to dig deeper into its opportunities. We asked Cruce to share with us the best resources to help you start engineering your own content model. He has prepared a collection of whitepapers, articles, webinars, roundtables, videos and slide materials centered on Content Modeling and related topics. In this Resource Guide by Cruce you will really find everything you need to know!

Who is Cruce Saunders?

Founder of [A], content engineering author & speaker

Cruce Saunders- Content Modeling expert

Cruce is recognized as the expert of content intelligence. 

With his team, he works with the most complex enterprise content publishers on Earth, helping leaders move to next-generation, intelligent customer experiences.

Cruce’s work in the space covers content asset valuation, intelligent content, machine learning, AI, cognitive systems, customer experience platforms, and other aspects of the intelligence transformation at the forefront of leaders’ agendas today.

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