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Doreid Haddad

Quick Facts

Name: Doreid HaddadAge: 30Position at WordLift: SEO ExpertSpoken Languages: Arabic (Native Speaker), Italian and English.Bio: An SEO Expert based in Rome. His expertise includes: Digital marketingSearch engine optimization Search engine marketing Strong analytical skills, strategic perspectiveProficiency in all SEO toolsCompetitors analysisInterpersonal skillsStrong communication and reporting skillsKeywords researchSemantic SEO & Structured DataConversion rate optimization.

Maria Silvia Sanna

Digital marketer focused on content marketing, Silvia lives and works in Rome since 2003. After a ten-year experience covering different roles in digital communication, in 2017 she joined WordLift, where she manages content marketing with a strategic approach and a lot of emojis.

In her free time, she writes for her blog Cupofbrain, a free space for ideas.

She says about herself:
“Writing is a space for better thinking.”


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