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Content Modeling for Search Optimization with Cruce Saunders

Content Modeling for Search Optimization with Cruce Saunders

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges of web publishing is content modeling. Creating a consistent content model will not only save your and your editorial team’s time but it will also greatly help your SEO. The content model of your website specifies how information is organized and will help you to achieve better content findability and enable you to reuse the information across different channels.


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Why does it matter?

A content model helps you to organize and manage your content efficiently.

When modeled properly, the whole content architecture improves the user experience of your site and enhances your business value. So if you are looking for the content model that fits your business needs, this webinar is for you.

What Are You Going to Learn?

This 1-hour webinar is split into two parts. In the first part, Cruce Saunders gives a complete overview on content modeling for SEO, sharing his solid experience in crafting intelligent content. Here is the agenda of his presentation:

  1. The Importance of a Content Model for SEO and Beyond
  2. Content Modeling: A Quick Overview
  3. Developing a Content Model
  4. Developing a Content Model: First Steps
  5. Learning More

In the second part of the webinar, our CEO Andrea Volpini discusses some in-depth aspects of content modeling in the context of search optimization.

Dive deeper into Content Modeling

Content modeling opens up a whole new world, and I’m sure you want to dig deeper into its opportunities. We asked Cruce to share with us the best resources to help you start engineering your own content model.

He has prepared a collection of whitepapers, articles, webinars, roundtables, videos and slide materials centered on Content Modeling and related topics.

In this Resource Guide by Cruce you will really find everything you need to know!

Who is Cruce Saunders?

Founder of [A], content engineering author & speaker

Cruce Saunders- Content Modeling expert

Cruce is recognized as the expert of content intelligence. 

With his team, he works with the most complex enterprise content publishers on Earth, helping leaders move to next-generation, intelligent customer experiences.

Cruce’s work in the space covers content asset valuation, intelligent content, machine learning, AI, cognitive systems, customer experience platforms, and other aspects of the intelligence transformation at the forefront of leaders’ agendas today.

How Google Ranking Works | Webinar with Jason Barnard

How Google Ranking Works | Webinar with Jason Barnard

Darwinism in SEO

Have you ever wondered how rich elements like the featured snippet take a place on the SERP? What Jason Barnard reveals to us is that each and every rich element on the page relies on a different algorithm. So, for example, there is a specific algorithm for the featured snippet on which depends its presence on the SERP. There is more: all the rich elements compete among them and with the 10 blue links to get a place.


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Why does it matter?

In a context where the rich snippets are slowly replacing the 10 blue links, understanding the algorithm behind the rich elements is the first step to reshape the anatomy of a SERP.

What Are You Going to Learn?

In this 30 minutes webinar, Jason Barnard explains how Google calculates rankings for the blue links and for the rich elements such as the featured snippet, images, videos, knowlegde panels, and more.

The system he describes is so much wide and open that it can grow and adapt to a limitless number of rich elements. If you deeply understand it, you will be able to get what really matters to Google and find your place under the sun.

How Google Ranking Works – Darwinism in SEO: Presentation Deck

Find below Jason’s presentation in PDF. It’s rich of tips, examples and good practices: download it and skim it anytime you need. It’s free!

Read the presentation deck

Who is Jason Barnard?

Jason approached SEO to promote his first website. It was the year Google was incorporated and Jason was able to build up his website to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world – we are talking about 60 million visits in 2007.

After almost two decades of experience in the field, Jason is a digital marketing consultant, speaker, author and the host of the #SEOisAEO podcast, the funniest way to learn about digital marketing from world-class experts.

SEO for Bing | Webinar with Christi Olson

SEO for Bing | Webinar with Christi Olson

SEO for Bing: What’s Important, What’s Not?

Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search at Microsoft, walks you through all you need to know about SEO for Bing from an intriguing standpoint: what’s important for Bing as a search engine? What is important for a searcher? And also, what is important for you as a website owner or an optimizer?

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What Are You Going to Learn?

In this webinar, Christi Olson will give you an insider’s view on Bing’s tools for SEO, Bing’s new functions and much more. After this webinar, you will have a clear overview of how Bing works and you will be able to optimize your website with Bing-specific SEO techniques.

Here is the list of the main topics that she covered in this 1-hour lesson:

  1. What is the goal for search engines?
  2. What is SEO?
  3. SEO Diagnostic Toolbox: Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console
  4. How to use Bing Webmaster Tool – An overview of its features
  5. Why the Sitemap is important for search engines
  6. Is content king? Actually, crawlable content is king
  7. Why canonical links matter
  8. Keyword research: how to do it
  9. Optimizing images and videos
  10. The importance of H1 tag
  11. How to use the Title tag
  12. Why a compelling title and description matter
  13. The importance of structured data and markup
  14. Links and social shares – A positive signal

SEO for Bing: Presentation Deck and More

Presentation Deck

Find below Christi’s presentation in PDF. It’s rich of tips, examples and good practices: download it and skim it anytime you need. It’s free!

Read the presentation deck

Guide to Bing Webmaster Tool

In the latest weeks, Christi published on Search Engine Land a complete guide on how to use Bing Webmaster Tool, which is a great introduction for beginners and also a goldmine of tips and resources for those who are already using this platform.

Who is Christi Olson?

Christi is the Head of Evangelism for Bing at Microsoft and is on the Board of Directors for SEMPO and the University of Idaho School of Business.

For over a decade Christi has led Digital Marketing teams at Microsoft, Expedia, Harry & David, Pointmarc and Point It. She is passionate about search marketing and has spent her career helping businesses solve their marketing challenges.

She has been recognized by PPC Hero and her peers as one of the top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

SEO: dalla strategia ai risultati | Webinar con Roberto Serra

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Nella SEO sono essenziali tre cose: competenze tecniche aggiornate, una certosina capacità analitica e, soprattutto, un approccio strategico. Senza una strategia ben definita non è possibile ottenere risultati positivi e consistenti.

Abbiamo invitato Roberto Serra, consulente di web marketing esperto di SEO, a mettere sotto la lente di ingrandimento uno dei suoi casi studio. Se vuoi capire, passo dopo passo, cosa significa ideare ed eseguire una strategia di ottimizzazione per i motori di ricerca, devi assolutamente seguire Roberto.

Che cosa imparerai in questo webinar?

Grazie a questo webinar, scoprirai la SEO come metodo di lavoro da applicare ai tuoi progetti web. Senza trucchi, bacchette magiche o ricette valide per ogni stagione, Roberto Serra racconta un caso studio reale e spiega come seguendo un approccio rigoroso sia possibile raggiungere risultati sorprendenti in tempi relativamente brevi.

Ecco alcune delle competenze che porterai a casa dopo aver seguito questo webinar:

  • Come definire una strategia partendo dagli obiettivi e fino ad arrivare alla misurazione dei risultati
  • Perché è importante guardare agli aspetti tecnici, prima ancora che alle keyword
  • Perché creare un glossario interno per aiutare Google a comprendere il dominio semantico di un sito web
  • Quali risultati si possono ottenere grazie a una buona strategia SEO e come misurarli.

Vuoi approfondire ancora questi concetti?

La spina dorsale della strategia SEO di Roberto, l’avrai capito, è un glossario interno al sito. Scopri perché il glossario è tanto importante in termini SEO.

Ti consigliamo anche di dare un’occhiata ai più importanti trend del 2018. È importante restare aggiornati e tenere d’occhio come si evolve il settore della ricerca online. A questo proposito, forse ti potrebbe interessare capire come la ricerca vocale stia cambiando la SEO.

Infine, se hai tanta tanta sete di conoscenza digitale, tuffati nel mare della Sardegna con il Web Marketing Training. Da diversi anni, infatti, Roberto organizza uno dei più importanti eventi di settore del Sud Italia e l’unico in cui, dopo la conferenza, si sale a bordo di una barca e si visitano le coste sarde.

Anche quest’anno il Web Marketing Training si svolgerà nel mese di luglio – e ci saremo anche noi! ⛵️

Chi è Roberto Serra?

Roberto Serra - Consulente SEO e web marketing

Con un background in ambito artistico e una innata passione per il digitale, Roberto è un consulente di web marketing eclettico e intraprendente. Ha più di dieci anni di esperienza in ambito SEO e SEM e da qualche anno si è appassionato anche al social media marketing.

Da alcuni anni organizza il Web Marketing Training, il più importante evento di settore in Sardegna al quale partecipano relatori di livello nazionale e internazionale.